Fri 30 September 2016

Top 5 Clash Royale Cheats

Clash royale game has been a hit so far with many adventures and strategies at your disposal to provide the best gaming experience possible. However, many gamers might have issues in some levels or how to do some moves. If you are one of does then this article is for you. Read on and see our top five clash royale hack.

Top Clash Royale Cheats

1. Exercise Patience When on the Offensive

When on the battlefield, start out slowly when initiating your offensive strategy. Do not be scared when you discover your towers are being attacked. Be calm and send your troops out according to your plan. If you manage to take down one rival tower, intensify your attack so as to grab the win quickly.

2. Attack the King’s Tower With Fireballs and Arrows

Once an opponents rival tower goes down, its king’s tower begins to attack you. That important tower may also start launching attacks at you once you fire at them first. If you feel you are prepared to take down the king's tower throw fireballs and arrows at it. The king’s tower may be a strong foe, but combining fireballs and arrows plus the assistance of your troops should bring it down in no time.

3. Use your Elixir Wisely

Pay attention to the way you use your Elixir by always looking up your Elixir meter. D not fall victim to the urge to pull out powerful troops at the start of a match. Only play the type of cards with a value that reaches a maximum level of four. Start with only smaller units so as to flood the battlefield. You should spend some Elixir only to spawn powerful troops when you know you will have enough to use on another troop later on.

4. Troop Cards you Will Have to Employ

When it comes to troop cards to carry into battle, there are a few favorites available. Both Super Goblins and Goblins are cheap so it is easy to throw some of them on the battlefield. Archers are excellent long-range troops that you should keep near your towers. While Baby Dragons can avoid attacks from some troops, and its fireball attacks can wipe out many troops at once. Barbarians can tear enemy troops apart quickly.

5. Bear in Mind That Acquiring New Cards Takes Time

If you need time, chances that you are going to spend few gems opening newly acquired chests immediately are high. You will be given access to new cards by opening any chests you acquire. From time to time, you will be able to gain an Epic type card. If you are patient, you wouldn't have an issue waiting for the allotted time (required for a chest to show it’s goods) to finish. Free chests can be opened as soon as they are acquired. While Silver Chests takes about three hours to open. Golden Chests takes eight hours, Crown Chests instantly and Magic Chests 12 hours.